Label Reviews

Ingredient Identity is proud to offer the most comprehensive label reviews for food and dietary supplement labels in the industry. How do we know this? Contact us to receive an example label review report and we’ll walk you through the entire process so you have the tools and knowledge to do it yourself.

We offer an easy way to submit labels for review of claims, specifications, formatting and general compliance. What makes our service unique is that we’ll also provide you with what you can say on the label or actually correct the language so you can get it right the first time. While many companies offer label design and printing services, few have the expertise to review for compliance with the regulations. Additionally, we can identify ingredient issues that could potentially lead to costly regulatory or legal challenges, affording you the option to revisit the product faster.

Feature Basic Enhanced
Label Presentation & Positioning on Packaging



Supplement Facts Panel Issues or Errors


X and 1

Other critical supplement label issues and claims


X and 2

Regulatory considerations


X and 3

Quality or Product Recommendations


X and 4

Supplement Label Improvements


X and 5

1 – Enhance will provided detailed resolutions to Supplement Facts issues/errors

2 – Enhanced will provide resolutions to supplement label issues cited

3 – Enhanced will reference or site specific regulatory impacts on product

4 – Enhanced includes suggestions or questions for ensuring product quality by addressing key manufacturer or supply chain concerns with respect to supplement label

5 – Enhanced suggests any overlooked or possible additions that can be included on the supplement label that could be used to better differentiate or market the product